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Inspiring Lollipop


You can never go wrong with a black and white outfit! The strong contrast creates a fashionable fusion and those who crave a bit more colour need simply to delve into their colour wardrobe to add a dab of purple to the look.

Outfit Inspiring Lollipop Weekend
Outfit Inspiring Lollipop Trend
Outfit Inspiring Lollipop Walk
Long sleeve top with a wrap-over effect
Skirt with a slit on the front section
Trousers with pressed pleats
Straight cut trousers
Tracksuit bottoms with decorative topstitching
Cropped blazer with a lapel
Blazer with a lapel
1/2-length sleeves with diagonal panels
1/2-length sleeve blouse with vertical stripes
7/8-Length trousers with pressed pleats
Body warmer with contrasting details
1/2-sleeve top with a spot print
Top with a graphic all-over print
3/4-sleeve top with a graphic pattern
Oversized blouse with polka dots
Zip-up blazer with a suede feel
1/2-sleeve top with a front print
3/4-sleeve top, Women’s Day
Long sleeve blouse a vertical pintuck
3/4-length sleeve top with diagonal stripes
Wrap-effect skirt
Blouse with an integrated top
Long sleeve blouse a vertical pintuck
Jumper with wool
Asymmetric jumper
Cargo trousers
Trousers with mini dots
Long jacket with a zip
Biker blazer in nappa leather
Striped scarf
Outfit Inspiring Lollipop Stripe
Outfit Inspiring Lollipop Mix
Outfit Inspiring Lollipop Dress
Blazer with mini polka dots
Flared jacket with a hood
Dress with a graphic pattern
Marlene trousers with tuxedo stripes
Biker blazer in nappa leather
1/2-length sleeve top in a panelled look
3/4-length sleeve top with decorative buttons
Dress with polka dots
3/4-length sleeve blouse with a mixed pattern
3/4-length sleeve top with a black and white panel
3/4-length sleeve top with all-over stripes
Scarf with a geometric pattern