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Knitted skirts: trends

Knitwear everywhere you look. And not just in the form of jumpers, coats or cardigans. Now even skirts are jumping on the band wagon. High-quality wool skirts come in short designs, as loosely swirling midi skirts or also in an extra long maxi style. So you won’t run out of variety. And they promise maximum freedom of movement thanks to their stretchy fabric.

What to wear with knitted skirts

So comfortable and still so elegant – the knitted midi skirt has not been catapulted onto the list of fashion must-haves for nothing. What’s more, the knitted skirt – no matter if it’s in a flared A-line design or as a slim-fitting pencil skirt – doesn’t need distinctive styling partners to be a hit. It goes great with tops and blouses alike. It’s the shoes that determine whether the look will gravitate more towards casual or elegant. Trendy trainers or pointed ankle boots? That makes all the difference.

Exclusive fashion tip

Skirts and dresses have laid claim to chunky XL knit fabrics and have become warm, woolly must-haves for the autumn and winter. In terms of styling partners, chunky knitwear follows the principle of less is more. This is because distinctive knitted skirts need to stand out in their own right. If another piece steals the show they aren’t too happy about it.

Knitted skirt

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