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Cashmere Love

Hochwertige Kaschmir-Pullover von GERRY WEBER
Autumn is here

Cosy cashmere

Have you noticed it too? The temperature is already noticeably cooler in the mornings and evenings, while the leaves are beginning to turn, with rich green slowly changing to warm red and orange tones. We're beginning to get excited for the first signs of autumn! Rainy Sunday afternoons on the sofa with a good book, a hot cup of tea or cocoa with marshmallows to warm you up, leisurely walks through the bright, leafy woods and naturally soft clothes that make us feel well wrapped up.

For moments just like these, we now have high-quality jumpers and coats made of cashmere for you to snuggle up in.
Enjoy the start of autumn with us!

All our cashmere highlights in one place:

Kaschmir Damenmantel in Rot

autumn highlight

We’re combating the grey autumn weather softly enveloped in fiery chilli red!

Shop the whole outfit:

Sharing magical moments

...Autumn is all about getting cosy and cuddly – primarily in soft cashmere jumpers.

Time to get outside!

Autumn was made for taking long walks through the bright fallen leaves, collecting conkers with rosy cheeks and flying a kite in the breeze. Protect yourself from chilly gusts of wind with our new cashmere coats – with exceptional softness and comfort as well as timeless cuts. Our high-quality coats are guaranteed to stand by your side for years to come and always see you through the wind and bad weather in style!
Woher kommt Kaschmir?

What sets cashmere apart?

Cashmere originates from South Asia and Nepal and is one of the highest quality types of wool. Only around 200g of wool can be obtained from a cashmere goat per year, whereby a single jumper alone requires up to 1000g of wool. This makes every cashmere jumper a true luxury!

The soft and snug feeling of cashmere wool on the skin can barely be matched by any other material, and it also scores points with its lightweight finish. At the same time, cashmere will keep you up to 6 times warmer than sheep's wool!

As a member of the "Fur Free Retailer" programme, we at GERRY WEBER and our suppliers are obligated to observe all national and international laws and regulations on animal welfare.