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Trench coats: trends

In our minds we will always think of Audrey Hepburn’s romantic kiss in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” in the 60s – the trench coat is as modern today as it was back then. If not more so, because this coat all-rounder now has a bigger fan base than ever. Countless women choose this fashion classic with the characteristic tie-around belt for its style and flexibility.

What to wear with a trench coat

Originally designed as a rain coat, it has long since dropped the sporty, functional image and is now a styling partner in a league of its own. As a short coat with jeans and a blouse or maybe something else? Fashionistas all over the world wear the trench with skirts, dresses, and even with floor-length evening gowns. And what about the shoes? The trench coat does it all, from flats to the highest heels.

Exclusive fashion tip

Originally only available in muted beige, the trench coat can now be found in a much larger range of colours. Are you looking for an all-time classic for your wardrobe? Then stick with more muted colours such as khaki and dark blue. But if you want to make an entrance that everyone will remember then by all means try out bold colours like red, orange or grass green.

Trench coats

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