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Slim-fitting trousers: trends

Slim-fitting trousers have been an evergreen in the fashion world for years: they come in a five-pocket look, as chic business trousers with pressed pleats, as casual cotton chinos, as 7/8-length trousers with tuxedo stripes and, of course, as jeans. The slim leg enhances the figure nicely and showcases both the legs and bottom in just the right light.

What to wear with slim-fitting trousers

Tight down below, wide up above: that’s the key styling principle here. Boyfriend blazers, oversized tops, shirt blouses and statement jumpers are all perfect counterparts to slim trousers. As for shoes, it will be your height and figure type that play the decisive role. Short women benefit from high heels, ankle boots and high boots. Meanwhile, tall women can also make themselves comfortable in flats such as ballerinas or trainers.

Exclusive fashion tip

Tight from top to bottom, that’s what you should be aiming for with slim-fitting trousers. So don’t buy them too big. Anyone who places lots of importance of comfort should make sure to buy a pair with stretch. But skinny trousers aren’t meant to be as stretchy as leggings, or they will reveal every unflattering bone or bulge.

Slim trousers