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Knitted tops: trends

Sleeves off – that’s the design trend currently doing the rounds. Coats, blouses, blazers and knitted jumpers now have to survive without. Knitted tops without sleeves usually have slightly wider straps, go down to the hip and are slightly fitted. But they also come with spaghetti straps, polo necks and short crop top designs. They do have one prerequisite though: firm arms.

What to wear with knitted tops

Knitted tops go great under blazers or casual cardigans. Your choice of trousers will take care of the stylistic fine-tuning. Throw on some boyfriend jeans and the outfit takes a casual turn. Classic cloth trousers on the other hand are great for the office. For a feminine yet playful look, try pairing your knitted top with flowery circle skirts or classic pleated skirts.

Exclusive fashion tip

Knitted wool tops are too hot in summer and too cold in winter, you say? Time to bust that myth! Fine wool fabrics such as cashmere and alpaca have wonderful temperature-regulating properties: they keep you nice and warm in winter and have a cooling effect in higher temperatures. And with tops made of airy, crocheted cotton you don’t have to worry about sweating anyway.

Knitted tops

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