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Hosenpassformen bei GERRY WEBER

GERRY WEBER: Our trouser fits

How to find the perfect trousers
for your shape

Same trouser fits – new names

Our trousers are characterised by their exceptional comfort and high quality. Our top priority is still to ensure that GERRY WEBER trousers meet the highest standards! Sometimes a tried and tested recipe needs a new twist. To that end, we have collated the GERRY WEBER trouser fits for you and given them new, straightforward names. We promise that nothing about the fits has changed – just their names. We’ve done this to make it easier for you to choose the right trousers and improve your shopping experience.

On this page, we’ll give you an overview of which names to look for in the future to find your favourite trousers. Discover helpful styling tips too.

Discover your new favourite trousers!