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Hosen für Damen und Passformen bei GERRY WEBER

Fit guide

All trouser fits from GERRY WEBER at a glance –
we help you to find the perfect fit for your body type!

Same trouser fits – new names

Our trousers are characterised by their exceptional comfort and high quality. Our top priority is still to ensure that GERRY WEBER trousers meet the highest standards! Sometimes a tried and tested recipe needs a new twist. To that end, we have collated the GERRY WEBER trouser fits for you and given them new, straightforward names. We promise that nothing about the fits has changed – just their names. We’ve done this to make it easier for you to choose the right trousers and improve your shopping experience.

On this page, we’ll give you an overview of which names to look for in the future to find your favourite trousers. Discover helpful styling tips too.
Hosenpassformen bei GERRY WEBER


Used to be: Roxy, Roxeri oder Ivy

What sets them apart:
  • The extremely stretchy denim is super comfortable to wear
  • The trousers adapt to different figure types thanks to the percentage of polyester and elastane
  • Thanks to their outstanding elasticated properties, these trousers retain their shape and don’t bulge
Who can wear them?
  • Any figure type as their elasticity enables them to adapt to every body type
Those that love really skinny fits can count on BEST4ME Skinny or BEST4ME Slim Fit, which simply have a narrower hem width.

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Hosenpassform Skinny Fit4Me von GERRY WEBER

Skinny Fit4Me

New fit!

What sets them apart:
  • Modern and comfortable waistband
    Comfortable width at the knee
    Same height and quality as the Best4Me Slim Fit
Who can wear them?
  • Any body type, as it adapts to any body shape thanks to its elasticity

Hosenpassformen bei GERRY WEBER

Straight Fit

Used to be: Romy oder Irina

What sets them apart:

  • Super authentic denim in a five-pocket style
  • This high-quality product originates from Europe, where it is also produced
  • The high-quality stretch cotton provides exceptional comfort
Who can wear them?
  • Women with a feminine waist and hips
  • Are you a Romy Kundin? Then we recommend ordering your usual size
  • Are you an Irina Kundin? Then we recommend ordering a size down

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Hosenpassformen bei GERRY WEBER

Comfort Fit

Used to be: Danny

What sets them apart:

  • A casual shape in authentic denim
  • Wider at the hips and thighs for a high level of comfort
  • The comfortable fit ensures freedom of movement
  • Straight leg right down to the foot
Who can wear them?
  • Women with beautiful, feminine curvy hips and thighs

Hosenpassformen bei GERRY WEBER

Slim Fit

Used to be: Roxane

What sets them apart:

  • Stretchy, soft fabrics ensure a high level of comfort
  • These trousers are very comfortable despite their figure-hugging fit
  • The slim leg creates a slender silhouette and a fashionable look
Who can wear them?
  • Women who like figure-enhancing, slim trousers
  • They fit every figure perfectly thanks to their especially stretchy material
Hosenpassformen bei GERRY WEBER


Used to be: Ronja oder Valerie

What sets them apart:

  • The new modern and casual fits aren’t restrictive
  • Loose and flowing fabrics that are super comfortable to wear
  • A sporty style with a loose fit

Who can wear them?

  • Women who have a fondness for fashion
  • Perfect for a business meeting when paired with a blazer and blouse
  • Super trendy for lunch with friends when paired with a casual jumper

Hosenpassformen bei GERRY WEBER


Used to be: Patrizia oder Pia

What sets them apart:

    • Slim cigarette fit with pressed pleats
    • Fashionable and tasteful style
    • High-quality fabrics ensure the highest level of comfort
    Who can wear them?
    • Women who like a sophisticated look
    • They look just as good in the office as they do at an after work dinner

    Discover your new favourite trousers!