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Größen-FAQ bei GERRY WEBER online

Confused by the numbers chaos?

People often order two sizes directly to be literally on the safe side – but this way a return is already pre-programmed. This makes unnecessary work for you and is not good for the environment.

To help you choose the right size, we provide you with useful guides in the GERRY WEBER online shop.
So you can find the right size with just a few clicks!
Size charts by GERRY WEBER online

Size charts

Discover the exact measurements for each size, sorted by brand.

Fitfinder GERRY WEBER online shop

Find your fit!

By entering your body measurements, the FitFinder is able to determine a size recommendation with the highest accuracy – for each of our products!
Hosen für Damen und Passformen bei GERRY WEBER

Fit guide

All GERRY WEBER trouser fits at a glance
– so you're guaranteed to find the perfect cut for your body!

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Discover our latest models and test the FitFinder!