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Denim goes natural

GERRY WEBER Jeans nachhaltig

Denim goes natural

Jeans are our favourite style of trousers, our constant companions, an essential basic and, because we’re always developing new cuts, they’re still a trend-setting piece too. There are so many reasons why jeans are the top-selling piece of clothing around the world – and we now have a sustainable solution for this denim classic! Over 8,000 litres of water are needed to produce a normal pair of jeans – we think that’s too much, which is why we're increasingly using innovative new dyeing processes, recycling and organic cotton to produce sustainable denim in a resource-friendly way.

Find out everything about our sustainable jeans here – and shop for your favourite piece in one of the latest fashion fits right here!
Recycled Denim GERRY WEBER

Recycled Denim

Whether it’s remnants or old, worn jeans – reusing denim fabrics reduces the consumption of water, energy and natural resources.

Our recycled jeans are made of a minimum of 20% recycled cotton and they only need a minimum consumption of water and energy during production thanks to our highly-developed technologies. The recycled material is shredded and mixed with new fibres to guarantee you our usual high standard of quality, while also making an important contribution to the circular economy at the same time.

Überlange Jeans mit weitem Bein

Dry Indigo®

The innovative Dry Indigo® process makes it possible to produce sustainable denim in a resource-friendly way. In contrast to the traditional dyeing processes, the yarn is dyed using a water-free foam method.

Here’s why our Dry Indigo® method is more environmentally-friendly than conventional manufacturing processes:
  • No water consumption in the dye process thanks to the use of foam
  • No waste water
  • 65% less energy consumption and 89% less chemicals used
Damenjeans aus Bio-Baumwolle

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is cultivated in a resource-saving way and you’ll also love its pleasant feel: the fabric is very soft, breathable, kind to the skin and long-lasting.

Here’s why organic cotton is more environmentally-friendly than conventional cotton:
  • No genetically engineered seeds
  • No pesticides and fertilisers ↪ Natural fertilisers are used instead
↪ This allows the soil to store more water, reducing water consumption by 91%.

Denims made from Organic Cotton:

Jeanslabels aus Apfelleder

Jeans labels made of apple leather

We always have an eye for detail, which is why we rely on apple leather for our jeans labels.

What is special about apple leather?

Apple leather is completely biodegradable, which means it doesn't produce any waste. Apple stems, fibres and peels are left over after eating, but can be processed into a tough apple leather in just a few steps. Compared to real leather, fewer resources are used and no toxic by-products are created in the production process.

How does the further processing work?

The residual material from the apple must first be dried so that it can then be ground into a fine powder. Then all the ingredients are mixed and the resulting mixture is applied evenly to a roll of cotton fabric, because only the fabric base makes the material tear-resistant. At about 130°C, all the components melt together in the oven. Baking makes the apple leather resistant and weatherproof because water rolls off its surface, just like the skin of an apple.
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Which materials are sustainable?

Find out more about what other sustainable materials are used in our clothing.
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