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We care for company

GERRY WEBER: We care for the company

Our mission

To live up to our responsibility as a company in society, the global economic environment and for the environment, we are optimising our entire value chain. Our goal is to operate sustainably as a profitable company, enable our customers to make responsible shopping decisions and offer a desirable product. That’s why 2020 saw us release our first completely sustainable collection, which features the label “I WEAR. I CARE.”

We are continuously building on the amount of sustainable materials we use. In our production processes, we are putting more importance on sustainable raw materials such as certified organic cotton, recycled materials in the form of polyester and products that can be manufactured with greater resource efficiency (less water consumption, less chemicals).

Our goals

We operate in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, which encompass a total of 17 goals. The 5 core objectives focus on the 5 P’s: People, PlanetProsperity, Peace and Partnership. For us, protecting the environment is a particular focus, which we are supporting with our closed-loop production principle and by improving our carbon footprint.

At GERRY WEBER, we have taken numerous measures to achieve our goals and we assess our progress every year, making changes where necessary.

Nachhaltige Produktion von GERRY WEBER-Kleidung

Sustainable production

  • Increased use of organic cotton and other sustainable materials which allow the traceability of all production steps
  • Compliance with the European chemicals regulations REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals)
  • No sandblasting or chlorine in denim manufacturing in Europe
Arbeitsbedingungen und Grundwerte von GERRY WEBER

Humane working conditions

The trusting, value-driven cooperation with employees, business partners, stockholders and the public forms the basis of our daily work and is anchored in our code of conduct, which applies for each and every one of our over 1800 employees worldwide.

Our goal is to ensure compliance with human rights, social standards and employment rights as well as the payment of fair wages. We condemn and prohibit child labour, forced labour and compulsory labour and will not tolerate such exploitative and inhumane practices under any circumstances.
Klimaschutz bei GERRY WEBER

Environmental protection measures

  • Larger annual energy savings
  • Increased use of green energy, working towards carbon neutrality at the Halle/Westfalen site
  • Continuously increasing annual CO2 savings
  • Introduction of electric cars in the fleet
  • Annual participation of our trainees in the Chamber of Industry and Commerce’s (IHK) project OWL Energy Scouts
GERRY WEBER ist ein Fur Free Retailer

Animal welfare

To protect animals and promote animal welfare, we do not use real fur, angora wool, mohair, sheep mulesing or feathers and down from live plucking or foie gras production.

We obligate our suppliers to observe all national and international laws and regulations on animal welfare. We use only leather and fur from livestock animals, which means animals that are bred for the meat industry and not for leather production.
Partnerschaften von GERRY WEBER

Partnerships for reaching our goals