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Fashion hacks

Nachhaltige DIY-Tipps von GERRY WEBER

5 fashion hacks

... to help you give your clothes
a new lease of life!

Above all, being more sustainable means changing the way we deal with “broken” things. Getting rid of once-beloved clothing because of the tiniest little issue is hurting more than just the environment – so give your old favourites another chance!

The easiest S.O.S. tips at one glance:

1. First aid for stains

Blood stains, chocolate stains or coffee stains: Accidents happen, but how do you undo the damage? In case of blood stains, only a quick bath in cold (!) water and the subsequent cleaning according to the care label will help. For chocolate stains, these must be pre-treated. Rub a little detergent into the fabric with a toothbrush, let it soak in for five to ten minutes and then wash it out with cold (!) water. Then place the garment in the washing machine as usual.

Did you spill your coffee on your new blouse? We have the solution for that: Dab (do not rub) the stain with a piece of kitchen paper or a cloth. Then soak the stain in white vinegar and rinse a few times with cold water. Let the blouse run in the washing machine at a low temperature – and make a new coffee immediately.
Tipps für einen nachhaltigen Kleiderschrank

2. Clamping zippers

The zipper of your favourite jacket or pants sticks? Do not throw away the beloved piece! A Simple trick: colour the zipper with a pencil. The graphite in it releases the clamping zipper so, that your trousers and jacket can be opened and closed smoothly again.

3. Shoes that are too tight

At the store, they fit so well... ...but sometimes you find out at home the length does fit, but after a few minutes, the toes get pinched pretty bad. A simple trick helps to solve this dilemma: Walk in your shoes at home and do that with wet woollen socks! As soon as the socks are dry again, you only need to blow-dry them, and you have already reached the decisive millimetre mark for comfortable wearing.
Tipps für mehr Nachhaltigkeit im Alltag

4. Removing chewing gums

One moment of not paying attention:  You stepped into some disgusting chewing gum, or accidentally sat on one with one of your favourite jeans. But do not panic, it can solved quickly: put the shoe or garment in a plastic bag and press the plastic bag against the chewing gum for a few seconds until it sticks.
Then put it in the freezer for an hour or two so that the chewing gum is finally frozen in the plastic bag. It can now easily be removed with a butter knife.

5. Cathing the lost cords

Hoodies are comfortable and always a good choice for casual outfits, but they do have a catch: the drawstring in the hood likes to disappear into the elastic and cannot be pulled out. But we have a solution for that: Pull the drawstring completely out of the hoodie, put it in the straw so you can push the straw through the hood. By the way, this Fashion Hack can also be used on sweatpants and is best done with straws of solid material such as metal or wood (which is more environmentally friendly).