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We care for people

GERRY WEBER: We care for people
The trusting, value-driven cooperation with employees, business partners, stockholders and the public forms the basis of our work at GERRY WEBER. It is up to every individual employee to justify and build on this trust.
Grundwerte im GERRY WEBER Unternehmen

Our core values

  • Appreciation and respect of one another
  • Equal opportunities
  • Respect of individual and cultural differences
  • Respecting human rights

Our social standards

As GERRY WEBER, we take responsibility both for our own employees and the employees of our suppliers. We support them with the goal of ensuring compliance with human rights, social standards and employment rights as well as the payment of fair wages. We condemn and prohibit child labour, forced labour and compulsory labour and will not tolerate such exploitative and inhumane practices under any circumstances.
GERRY WEBER: Mitglied im Büdnis für nachhaltige Textilien

Partnership for Sustainable Textiles

In response to tragic accidents in textile factories, such as the Rana Plaza disaster in 2013, German Federal Development Minister Dr. Gerd Müller initiated the founding of the textile partnership in 2014.

Governments, companies, non-governmental organisations and standards organisations joined forces in the textile partnership to help improve the social and ecological conditions along the supply chain long term. The goal is to achieve this with uniform means and measures as well as joint action and leverage.
In order to live up to our responsibility to our employees, GERRY WEBER has been a member of the amfori Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) since 2010. amfori BSCI is an initiative for retailers, industrial companies and importers for the monitoring and improvement of social standards and working conditions at suppliers as well as at farms in a worldwide value chain.


The amfori BSCI Code of Conduct contains the following:
  • The prohibition of child labour and forced labour
  • Equal opportunities
  • The right to found representative bodies for employees
  • The prohibition of discrimination of all kinds
  • The payment of appropriate wages
  • Compliance with set working times
  • Compliance with workplace safety measures

Employee satisfaction

In order to ensure that people treat each other respect, we have developed a code of conduct which applies to all our 1800 employees worldwide and which declares our firm commitment to responsible trading in our day-to-day work.

Addition to compliance with our core values that we consider self-evident, we also put importance on a good work–life balance. To promote employee health and welfare, we have introduced a comprehensive health management and remote working system. This is intended to ensure harmony between family and work through flexible working times and our internal company daycare centre KIDS WORLD in our company headquarters.

"Balance is not something you can find, it's something you create."